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Lifestyle Medicine

According to Dr. Donald B. Ardell, it is important to shape one’s life in the best way and to be happy and satisfied for a long period of time. The number of nutrition and lifestyle related diseases continues to rise.

If people would only use half as much care to stay healthy, as they subconsciously expend effort to become sick – they would be spared from half the diseases.
Sebastian Kneipp (1821-1879)
To lead one’s life in a way that the promotion of health, vitality and performance are encouraged – THAT is the best prevention.

Salutogenesis or what keeps us healthy?

Health-oriented medicine augments orthodox medical methods, characterized by a reparatory and ‘treat-the-symptoms’ approach, by searching for the sources of health, well-being and vitality. For a majority of chronic illnesses can be prevented by perceiving and treating their origin in an early stage.
Aside from guidance towards a health-conscious lifestyle and informing about cause and effect of illness, a central aspect of our work is the salutogenesis (the science of health preservation) and the activation and use of the patient’s personal wellspring of self-healing powers.

We have to use our own personal health sources that lie within us.
However, many people have forgotten how to activate their self-healing potential and how to live in a way that supports their wellbeing.
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Our health concept:

Our offer:

motion Therapy
“healthy back”
losing weight
nutrition counseling
stress management
  by relaxation

• mindfulness and meditation
Yoga medicine
sound massage
smoking cessation, Amalgam
  drainage, metabolic therapy,
  intestinal cure

biological detoxification
Healing Hypnosis
vitalizing therapy
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